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Office security is a major concern and requires proper attention from you as a business owner or manager. Rental properties usually have door locks that are accessible to a wide range of people. Hence, it creates a lot of doubts, including that there is a spare key somewhere that can provide access to your office building. Shane Locksmith can eliminate these doubts with its commercial lock rekey service in Roseville, MN. If you choose our lock rekeying service, there will be no need to buy a brand new set of doorknobs and locks for your office building. In addition, by hiring us, you will give yourself additional satisfaction knowing that the accessibility of your office is under your control. Our highly qualified team of expert locksmiths guarantees a seamless commercial rekey service that produces reliable results using only state-of-the-art tools and techniques. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction and always prioritize their needs and preferences.

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What is Lock Rekeying Service? 

Lock rekeying is a technique in which the entire inner mechanism of a lock is changed so that it can’t be opened with the original key. Hence, a new key will be needed to access the lock. If you lose the original key to your office, or if you want to prevent the previous owner of the property from accessing it, you can have the pin in the lock replaced with a new key. Commercial lock rekey service is done for several reasons. In situations where another person may have the key to your property, resetting the key can prevent that person from entering your property and eliminate potential security risks. Shane Locksmith provides extraordinary lock rekey service and guarantees that no unauthorized person enters your office building without your permission.

How Do We Re-Key Locks?

At Shane Locksmith, our lock rekeying service ensures that the old key can no longer operate your office door lock. Only the internal components of the lock that deny or accept the key are changed, so no hardware is replaced during the key update. You will just get a new key to access the main door, reducing a lot of security risks. If you’re looking for commercial lock rekey service in Roseville, MN, we have the most reliable locksmiths. It is recommended to rekey the lock in the following situations:

  1. When the original keys are lost or stolen. 
  2. When you have multiple keys for a single lock at the office.
  3. When you move into a new rental office facility.
  4. A large number of people enter your office on a monthly basis. 
  5. When the new building owner wants to limit the use of the old key.
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Why Should You Hire Shane Locksmith?

Regardless of the price, you will pay for our commercial lock rekey service in Roseville, MN; it is cheaper than lock change and installation. If the lock is in a good condition, we always suggest our clients go for rekeying it instead of installing a new lock. However, if the lock is not in optimal condition, it is advisable to replace it. At Shane Locksmith, we have experts that provide top-rated commercial locksmith services. We can tailor our locksmith services to the specific needs of your business. Our certified locksmiths can quickly change the mechanism of the lock and provide you with a new key to minimize the security risks. We have satisfied customers from various commercial enterprises as we ensure high standards and prompt service.

Therefore, if you have any concerns about the safety of your employees and office, contact us at (651) 447-3788, and we’ll be happy to assist you.