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Get Your Auto Lock Rekeyed from Shane Locksmith In Roseville

Your vehicle’s security must be your top priority which is you should not leave room for security risks to arise. If you’ve bought a used car or lost your car’s keys, it is important that you consider a lock rekeying service. If you live in Roseville, MN, you are lucky as we offer the best lock rekeying services in this area. Our services are top-rated, and we use the latest tools and state-of-the-art equipment. We believe in complete customer satisfaction, which is why we listen to the needs of our customers carefully and offer them services accordingly. Our auto lock rekeying services in Roseville, will save you from the trouble of changing locks, and you will be able to get your locks rekeyed at very reasonable rates.

Difference between Auto Lock Rekeying and Lock Replacement

Rekeying a lock is often confused with lock replacement, but it is entirely different. When an auto-lock is rekeyed, it will no longer be operational with the old keys; in other words, you won’t be able to turn the lock with the old key. It is generally a good option to try when your car keys get stolen or when there has been an attempt to break the lock. Shane Locksmith provides best auto lock rekeying services in Roseville, MN. Usually, when our valued customers call us for an auto locksmith for rekeying service, they want a locksmith who can help them immediately for the following reasons:

  • When the car key gets stolen, or someone attempts to steal the car by trying to break the lock. 
  • When the key gets broken inside the lock and damages it. 
  • When the key is turned forcefully, and it damages the lock. 
  • When the smart key doesn’t work, and the normal lock fails too. 

Our highly trained and experienced locksmiths provide extraordinary services to ensure your satisfaction. Skip the complete lock replacement process and save money today with an affordable car rekeying service by Shane Locksmith.

Why Rekey the Car door Instead of Replacing it? 

Rekeying is often the best solution for the safety of your car on the roads. Furthermore, it is a cheaper option compared to the lock replacement. When you go for a lock replacement, it means disassembling the entire hardware and mechanism, including further disassembling the door panel so that it can be reattached to the new lock. In addition, the vehicle warranty must be considered for the complete replacement of the car door lock. Most of the time, a rekeying process fixes several other issues as well that are related to the car door lock. Shane Locksmith has perfect locksmiths with vast knowledge and experience to provide auto lock rekeying services in Roseville, MN. We guarantee 100% risk-free services and ensure that quality results are provided to make sure your vehicle remains safe.

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Why Should You Choose Shane Locksmith? 

Shane Locksmith has an experienced team that is trained and very professional. Most importantly, we hire professionals that have a good experience so they can offer the best services to our clients. By hiring Shane Locksmith for auto lock rekeying in Roseville, MN, you can get several benefits, including:

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Locksmith Expertise

Our locksmiths are experts in rekeying the locks. They have professional tools to complete the task without damaging your vehicle.  

Affordable Service

In most cases, our lock rekeying services are much cheaper and more reasonable than most of our competitors. We provide fair quotes as soon as we are called for the services.

Quick Response and Service 

We have most of our team working for 24 hours all week, so you don’t have to worry about the wait time for the locksmith to arrive. A quick response, followed by swift service, is

ensured by our team.

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High-Security Key Option

In addition to the rekeying service, we provide a high-quality high-security key for the lock. These keys are more durable as compared to normal keys. 


Shane Locksmith provides convenient services to its clients. We ensure that our team reaches your location without any delay and provides fast services on the spot.

Hire us now if you want the best auto lock rekeying services, and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed. Call us now at (651) 447-3788 to book our services.